Hello, I'm Nathan.

I'm a product designer currently living and working in sunny Los Angeles, California.
I got my start in user experience design working as a designer/co-founder for an ecommerce startup. In the process I discovered my passion for building great products, and so I teamed up with a young boutique design agency out of Hollywood called Fake Crow, and together we helped over two dozen startups do some really great work.
Since leaving the agency, I've had the good fortune of working on a wide variety of freelance projects, and I've developed a passion for combining my artistic and technical skills with my business acumen and entrepreneurial mindset to design great product solutions that exceed both user needs and business goals.
I’m currently in LA and open to start working on new and exciting challenges with you.
If you want to know more about me, my projects or simply grab a cup of coffee together, just send me a message below. I would love to hear from you.
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